"Protecting Is Our Passion"

Booth Industries ‘ investment in the nation’s security is a long-standing passion, and has provided us with a reputation as the highest quality and most diverse security door manufacturer in the market.  In particular we are the UK’s leading supplier of door products to NPSA protection levels, as demanded by the defence & security sector. 

Our product capabilities range from standard LPS rated hinged doors, right up to the highest level of CPNI & NPSA protection for standard and large hinged single and double leaf doors, as well as sliding and hangar door solutions.

As a result, we have protected the nation’s assets in some of the most sensitive and secure locations, such as Ministry of Defence sites, government buildings,  nuclear and atomic weapons establishments, and other strategic defence facilities.

We also recognise that the threat of attack is ever-evolving, and that there are different ways that protection needs to be applied.

Where additional or multi-performance requirements are recognised and specified,  we are able to include these within a selection of our approved products – this includes features such as acoustic rating, ballistic protection, blast protection and fire, as well as additional features to suppress surreptitious attacks.  We can also provide additional performance enhancements to provide supreme airtightness, watertightness, and EMC sealing.

Door furniture and locking systems are available to suit all requirements , and we use only the highest quality door furniture to ensure a full design life and minimal maintenance.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information about our certified range of security doors :

– Rivington Doorset (hinged single & double leaf)

– Bromley Doorset (hinged single & double leaf)

– Ashford Doorset (hinged single & double leaf)

– Belmont Doorset (hinged single & double leaf)

– Standfast Doorset (horizontally sliding, single or double leaf, up to aircraft hangar door size)

– Standfast Doorset (verticially sliding)

Our large sliding doorsets can incorporate hinged personnel doors for ease of general use.

Power operation is available,  with full ATEX certification.

Image below:  Booth ‘Standfast’ sliding security doorset on site


In addition to our pre-certified standard range of security doorsets, we have a long history of providing bespoke & specialist secure door solutions to very specific requirements, which often depend on the location and combination of potential threats to that site.   This can range from protection of infrastructure sites, to environmental sites under threat of sabotage, through to protection of missile and nuclear weapon production facilities. 

Additionally, where required we can provide specialist clad and louvred finishes, without jeapordising security performance.

Below:  A selection of specialist security doorsets exclusive to Booth Industries

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