"Continuing to Innovate & Set New Benchmarks Within The Industry, To Suit Modern Infrastructure Requirements'

When it comes to cross passage doors, Booth Industries is the only truly specialist global designer & manufacturer .

Our cross passage & tunnel doors have been installed extensively across the world, and we are the chosen manufacturer for Crossrail and HS2.

We are able to design, manufacture & install a whole range of different types, sizes and configurations to suit any tunnel requirement.

Regardless of the pressure , fire or access specifications, our unrivalled experience coupled with our innovative design capabilities , mean that we can provide the perfect solution for any requirement, without constraining the visions of the project.

In short, we make ‘The Art of The Possible’ a reality.

Our products are designed especially for road and rail tunnels, and have undergone extensive destructive testing and theoretical analysis in order to create truly multi-performance solutions for real-world situations, where modern infrastructure requirements are key to the future of the transport networks across towns & cities worldwide.

Cross-Passages Explained

Cross passages are critical to life safety , and enable people and emergency services to move safely from one tunnel to another in the event of an emergency.

Distance between cross passages varies from tunnel to tunnel, however they are typically spaced between 250m and 500m apart.

The cross passages will also typically contain services & facilities, so space is very often a key consideration.

Sliding door solutions are often key to making the best use of space, and also for overcoming onerous pressure requirements.

Booth Industries has market-leading sliding and hinged cross passage door products available to suit any fire rating and fire curve requirement, including to suit Hydrocarbon fires, and beyond to the RWS fire curve.

Single or double leaf configuration is available, along with single or double swing operation to facilitate emergency exit from either side of the door leaves.

Doorsets are provided with applicable panic bar operation, hinged or pivot operation (the latter for double swing operation), and are designed to provide pressure resistance, fire protection and resistance to fatigue when subject to repeated high speed traffic creating repeated positive and negative pressures, and cyclic movement of the door leaves and components.  

The Booth cross passage doorsets are critical to life safety and utilise proven construction designs with heavy duty ironmongery and long design lives with minimum maintenance for maximum reliability.

Hinged and sliding typical configurations:


Innovation in Design

At Booth Industries, we develop truly market-leading solutions which nobody else in the industry can provide.

Our HS2 sliding cross passage door is a perfect example of Booth creating a product to suit modern infrastructure requirements.

The doors have been designed not only to provide fire protection of 120 minutes for integrity and insulation, but also to withstand constant pressures of 14Kpa caused by the high speed trains passing within metres of the doors, at speeds of up to 250MPH, and the constant fatigue protection demands associated with this continual passing of trains.  This innovative design is a world first, and sets a new benchmark within the industry.

HS2 Approved Sliding Cross Passage Door Design


Our doors are all fully tested with Factory Acceptance Testing following completion of manufacture, to ensure that the products are in perfect working order before being delivered and installed.


Complete Reliability

All of our cross passage & tunnel doors are built to the Booth Industries standard, robust and durable and with a proven performance record.

As well as guaranteeing complete peace of mind in a life-saving situation, our doors are renowned for their reliability and low maintenance, thus providing a long-term economical benefit to the client.

Typical Booth cross passage doors:

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