"Booth Industries Are Leaders In The Art Of The Possible"

Bespoke solutions are answers to a problem that at first may seem impossible to resolve – but at Booth Industries we believe strongly in the Art of The Possible.

Our reputation and our strength is built around being able to conceive, design and manufacture door protection solutions that are not available commercially, but that are a real-world protection requirement that must be provided.

The decisive factor in choosing Booth Industries for your design project is our ability to deliver projects that our competitors simply cannot. While our service promise and employees play a fundamental role, the investment in our facilities and tools has been tailored to support this specialist product market group.

Defining Bespoke

We define a “bespoke project or product” as something we have to engineer from first principles, and for which there exists no viable testing evidence or assurance. The product may start as a genuinely new concept, but often may be based on something that we have previously designed & manufactured for another project.

These projects are conventionally delivered from design stage and from working with architects and consultants, in order to turn a concept into an agreed design with the help of Booth’s innovative Engineering department and leading designers. Many of our repeated mechanically or electrically-driven door products start their lives in this bespoke product market group, and our experience in delivering these projects provides the peace of mind that we can create anything truly unique and bespoke should the project require it.

We are now in the unique market position of being the only provider of a complete portfolio of performance-certified steel doors , as well as having this ability to innovate and lead development through design where the client or project demands. We then manage these projects through our range of services, including project management and finally installation and assurance.

Our extensive physical testing knowledge and experience means that we can manage the project through the testing & certification stage, to ensure that the final solution is certified and proven.

Booth’s ability to adapt and create is crucial to highly-regulated and critical sectors such as nuclear, defence and infrastructure.

Typical examples of our ability to create unique protection solutions include:

– Nuclear Defence X-Ray and Radiation Shielding Doorsets (hinged & sliding) Power Operated
– Commercial Aviation cascade hangar door system 72 metres wide x 17 metres high – Power Operated
– Defence high security sound-proof doorsets – for ultimate protection against surreptitious attack
– Large mechanically-driven theatre doors, 22metres x 12metres, providing a combined 75dB acoustic performance
– Offshore Jet-fire rated walls and doors

In addition to providing doorsets to suit protection against threats such as flood, ballistic attack and seismic events, we  also have extensive experience in :

Externally Clad Doorsets

Where an aesthetic stone, timber or exotic external appearance is required, we are able to offer a wide selection of options.  These doorsets are generally used for external emergency exit, and are located on ground floor locations where the doorset blends in with the building fabric.  Top and bottom pivots are provided to conceal where a traditional hinge would be visible, and if required emergency fireman’s entry systems can be provided.  The doorsets are provided with internal panic bar operation and door opening assistors.

For an extended design life,  we would recommend a stainless steel construction.  Door leaf construction is project-specific, and is designed to suit the cladding weight and method of stone installation.

Doorsets are available as hinged, sliding or pivot configurations.

Below: Examples of Booth clad doorsets

Large Access Doorsets

Hinged, sliding or bespoke solutions are provided where large clear opening access is required for large vehicular or equipment access.  Power operated drive mechanism is optional depending upon the door leaf size and construction, and if exposed to external wind loads where safe operation is required.

Large access doors are provided with a robust construction and suitable ironmongery to provide a 25 year design life.  Components and door leaf torsional stiffening is provided to ensure a suitable construction under the applicable operating conditions to ensure reliable operation throughout the design life.

Below: Insulated hydraulically-operated external access doors for Rothera Research Station, Antarctica


Below: Naval Vessel Fabrication Shop main entrance door


Acoustic Doorsets

Manufactured in both hinged or sliding (horizontal or vertical) configurations, the Booth acoustic door range is available with performance levels up to Rw55dB, and suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular access applications.  Larger doorsets are available with fully power driven operation complete with a selection of safety mechanisms.  Security doorsets are available with acoustic upgrades for the prevention of eavesdropping.  Acoustic doorsets are also utilised where noise protection is required in industrial and commercial applications, and where noise pollution would be detrimental to entertainment, for example in theatres and studio applications.

Below: High-performance 53dB security doors supplied to Bond Street Ticket Office

Radiation Shielding Doorsets

Available in hinged or sliding configurations, with steel plate, lead or alternative core material, to provide radiation shielding protection.  Door leaf thickness and sizes are project specific, with suitable overlaps created to prevent shine paths.  For heavy applications, sliding power operated doorsets are the preferred option, and for installation purposes large doorsets are supplied piece-small suitable for transportation and handling on site.  Both hinged and sliding power operated doorsets are provided with a selection of safety systems and possible mechanical/electrical safety interlocks.

Our ability to create doorset solutions to suit one or all of these requirements is what really sets Booth Industries apart from the rest.

Please contact us to discuss further the value we can bring to your project, regardless of how onerous the requirements may appear.

Below: Hinged radiation shielding doors


Watertight & Flood Defence Doorsets

Protection against dangerous ingress of water is an often overlooked specialist performance requirement, but if not protected properly the consequences to life and critical assets can be just as devastating.

At Booth Industries we have a range of high integrity watertight and flood defence door & gate solutions that can provide the necessary peace of mind, to protect all kinds of commercial and infrastructure assets.

Our watertight doors can provide unbeatable sealing performance through the use of central handwheel operation to compression bolting system, or a series of wedge handles.

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