"Our Expertise and Experience Covers All Kinds Of Markets & Sectors"

At Booth Industries, we have a long and proven track record of adapting and assuring a varied and diverse range of sectors and markets.

Our products have stood the test of time throughout all the changing demands and performance requirements that come with those different sectors.

Our range of products, unique capabilities, diversity and knowledge allows us to adapt and ensure that we are always at the forefront of innovation and performance, and enables us to service the full range of market & sector requirements.

Sectors that we continue to assure and service include:

– Construction

Our unique abilities match perfectly with all construction projects where people are looking to explore ‘The Art Of The Possible’ .

From bespoke stone and aesthetically-clad doors,  to sound and acoustic protection systems  , we can combine high performance and protection, with the quality and finish required to suit modern developments with practical purposes.

Image below:   Stone-clad emergency exit doors, perfectly matched to the surrounding building.  


– Renewables & Energy

Booth are committed to researching and developing further involvement in the renewables & energy sector, having carried out door maintenance for wind farms previously, and in line with our sustainability ethos, we are looking to offer our expertise further into ensuring a healthier and more sustainable planet for all generations to come. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions to suit the future energy generation needs of the world.

– Commercial

As evidenced by our ability to incorporate all kinds of aesthetic finishes, we are able to offer great value to the commercial sector, and have provided doorsets to major commercial companies such as Aldi, Tesco and Harrods.  These products range from large, industrial loading bay and access doors, to decorative front of house doors with special finishes, along with other features such as bespoke profiled vision panels and corporate logos.

– Entertainment

Booth have been designing & manufacturing bespoke doorsets for the entertainment sector for years, and we have an impressive CV of theatres and entertainment venues where our products are installed.

From personnel access doors requiring fire, security and sound reduction performance, to large sliding, hinged or bi-folding access doors, stage doors and sound protection doorsets, we are proud of our extensive history in this field.

Image below:  O2 Arena  – Large hinged acoustic doorset, and sliding acoustic doorset.                                                  

– Data Protection & Banking

Data centres are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily critical infrastructure, and they face a constant threat of terrorism. Major damage can be caused to the global economy and business operations if they are not protected effectively.

Booth has provided attack-resistant products and solutions to data centres across the world, with full protection against blast, fire, EMC shielding and surreptitious physical attack.

Image below:  HSBC Data Centre Hong Kong  – Booth designed & manufactured 30 no. hinged single & double leaf high-performance doors to 9 Bar blast pressure   

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