"We Secure The Nation's Assets For All"

For over 50 years, Booth Industries has been at the forefront of securing the nation’s assets – including government, ministry of defence and nuclear sites.

Additionally, we have provided our security products & services internationally, either for the UK’s interests overseas, or to secure assets for the country itself that we were specially selected to work in.

Market-Leading Security Doors To The Highest Possible Levels

We design, manufacture and install high performance security solutions, which are approved by CPNI, NPSA and LPS, as well as bespoke solutions which provide physical & surreptitious attack protection, as well as protection against other forms of sabotage including blast, covert recording & espionage, and ballistic attack.

In addition to providing pre-certified products , only Booth Industries can provide a proven track record of having created completely bespoke solutions , designed and manufactured especially to prevent against very specific threats to safety, livelihood and assets.

This is real-world assurance, constantly moving with the times to adapt and provide major threat protection that cannot be picked off the shelf.

Multi-Layer Protection

Providing a physical security barrier does not just involve stopping a lock being picked, or a door being forced open.

We can deliver multi-threat protection, from the requirements to combat secret & surreptitious invasion through high-acoustically rated and x-ray protection doorsets, through to protection against ballistic and bomb proof doors.  

Protecting The Nation

Every top-secret establishment in the UK, as well as the majority of air bases, army barracks and government establishments , have been protected by Booth Industries over the years, and continue to see our name as the absolute pinnacle of guaranteed protection.

Some of the high profile assets we have helped to secure over the years include:

10 Downing Street
GCHQ Cheltenham
MoD Main Building
Admiralty Arch
BAE Systems
Secure Nuclear Defence Site
Porton Down
RAF Lakenheath
RNAD Coulport
Devonport Royal Dockyard

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