Booth Industries - Case Study

Contract Value:  circa £2.2 Million 

Project Start Date:    2020

Project Completion Date:  2022

Scope:      Vertically-Sliding Power-Operated Acoustic Doorsets

For a prestigious new entertainment venue, the client had a vision of creating unique ground-breaking flexible internal spaces that could allow multiple simultaneous performances , whilst assuring no detriment to the enjoyment of each individual performance.  This meant the requirement for a complex high-performance dividing door system, the likes of which was just not available on the market. 

Our reputation as the leading bespoke high performance door manufacturer led the client and their architects to engage with us on the possibility of creating and designing such a solution.  We worked with the architects and consultants through the design phase in order to bring their vision to life. 

The result of this collaborative process is the conception and design by Booth Industries of 2 no. large vertically sliding power-operated doorsets, which will be used to divide and open up the spaces as required, and will perform to an extremely high acoustic and sound reduction rating. Each doorset will weight in excess of 80 Tonnes, which put into context is around the weight of a space shuttle.

Only Booth Industries’ unique combination of innovation, vision and design capabilities have made it possible to create this complex engineering requirement, which will make it possible to divide two areas of the internal spaces and allow different performances in the different areas without sound disruption. Such a solution is key to the venue’s vision of flexible internal spaces, where intimate works can take place alongside opera, theatre or music concerts. When required, it will also make it possible for the venue to open the spaces completely.  

This award has reinforced Booth’s reputation of being able to take on high-profile and complex projects that are beyond the capability of standard door manufacturers, and our reputation provides the reassurance that we will deliver on our promises throughout every stage of the process. 

The 3D image below of the design gives an idea of the sheer size and scale of the doorsets which we will ultimately install, following completion of manufacture.

Below:  Doorset to scale in 3D image

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