"Booth Industries' design and assurance experience allows us to provide tailored door solutions, and to provide safe protective products, in the face of the fastest and most technologically advanced transportation systems"

As the world expands and society’s demands increase accordingly, the need for improved infrastructure has never been greater.   It is key to a country’s economic and social development, and innovation and technology are playing a much bigger part in ensuring that infrastructure developments can meet the present and future demands.

Booth Industries has been a key infrastructure partner of many countries worldwide over the past 30 years, and we have helped shape and innovate demand solutions through our knowledge & experience.

As an expert tunnel and cross-passage door designer and manufacturer, we are consistently able to adapt and meet the varied and ever more complex needs of each new project.  We are also able to provide specialist performance doorsets for station fit-outs, combining high integrity protection with the aesthetic finish and style that the modern world demands, and expects. 

Worldwide Success

The Booth Industries brand name is synonymous globally with excellence, quality and reliability.  We have provided products, including project-specific bespoke doors & protection  systems, to many major developments worldwide over recent years, including the following:



Road and rail projects bring their own different and unique challenges, and it is only Booth’s ability to innovate and design specific solutions and door products that enables each city to complete their vision, and ensure that their people are protected at all times.

The Need For Growth & Innovation

In many towns & cities worldwide, the current infrastructure set-ups from previous generations are now becoming obsolete – populations are growing,  public transport is over-crowded, trains are going faster and cities need to be connected more than ever .  People demand better and faster movement, and new infrastructure has to be put in place in order to meet these needs.   In many cases, the solution to quicker and easier transportation is to go underground!

Booth Industries design and assurance experience allows us to provide tailored door solutions to each project, and to provide safe protective products, in the face of the fastest and most technologically advanced transportation systems.  Our cross passage doors can withstand pressures and fatigue from the highest speed trains that have been developed.  Designed to operate with minimal maintenance , our doors are the most reliable on the market, and provide the ongoing assurance and safety should an incident ever occur.

High Speed Into The Future

Our reputation and excellence in providing tunnel & cross-passage doors has seen our own journey come full circle.  Having been selected to design, manufacture and install the cross passage doors to the original High Speed One Channel Tunnel Rail Link over 15 years ago, we have now recently been appointed as the cross passage door supplier for the prestigious High Speed Two project.

Had we stood still as a business in the time between the two High Speed projects, we would not have been in the position we were, that being to provide HS2 with the absolute assurance that we could create and design a bespoke concept to suit the challenging demands of the new high speed line.  Our design proposal to HS2 gave them the comfort and knowledge that we could provide a fire rated sliding door solution that could withstand the pressures and fatigue from trains passing by at regular intervals within metres of the doors, at speeds of over 250 Mph.

Put your infrastructure needs in the hands of the experts!  Contact Booth Industries and allow us to bring our value and experience for your benefit.


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