"Manufacturing & Operational Heights Of Innovation & Excellence "

Booth Industries has multiple dedicated premises geared towards the manufacture, assembly, inspection and testing of all our products. We have gained extensive experience over the years as a leading world class fabricator and producer of performance certified, pre-engineered and bespoke steel door systems, as well as protection solutions through our unique turnkey capabilities.

Our customers often challenge us to manufacture completely bespoke solutions, which presents us with the opportunity to develop and achieve new manufacturing and operational heights of innovation & excellence. This helps us continue in Pushing The Boundaries of Excellence under extremely challenging circumstances.

Our skilled operatives take pride in making sure that the end product is exactly as intended, with the finish and quality that is expected of the Booth Industries brand.

The experience of our fabricators, assembly technicians and inspectors, gained as a result of high staff retention, means they are able to translate the design to exactly what our customers intend. We have created a manufacturing environment which is adept at fabricating and assembling products to a world class standard, in a time-effective yet efficient manner.

Facilities & Workforce

  • 7,000m2 manufacturing space, across our two sites
  • Overhead cranes with up to 20Te capacity
  • Height capacity includes 8.0 m and 4.5 m, depending upon the applicable production bay
  • External covered and open site storage is available if required
  • Flexible workforce – capacity can be extended through shift working and overtime working
  • Up to 42 x work stations which can be adapted to suit product size and configuration
  • A team of 30 qualified operators is currently utilised on fabrication and welding activities.
  • Welding is coded as required by product specification, and applicable to fabricators and welders.



Our manufacturing excellence and innovation means that we are able to consistently exceed customer expectations, in terms of programme demands and quality of product, against even the most challenging of specifications.

The manufacturing team is a strong balance of highly experienced operatives, supplemented by a growing  and talented apprentice scheme, ensuring that all the critical skills and knowledge are passed on through long-term and thorough hands-on training. 

Manufacturing activities are carried out by a flexible trained and qualified team of machine operators, supported by qualified managers, quality inspectors and health and safety practitioners.

Booth Industries currently operates from two sites based in Bolton,  and is located close to major rail, motorway and airport links.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The Manufacturing team has a strong tradition of skill and exceptional workmanship, developed through extensive experience and training, with the following capabilities:

  • Precision fabrication of carbon steel and stainless steel components.
  • Coded welding,  of carbon and stainless steels.
  • Machining capability; repetitive components and bespoke parts, with CNC and conventional equipment.
  • Manufacture, assembly and functional testing of door and hardware components.
  • Strict adherence to customer specified Inspection Test Plans and procedures when required.
  • Fitment and functional testing of locking, sliding and hinge mechanisms.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing to customer specification.
  • Integrated Health and Safety programme and process checks.
  • Adherence to ISO 9000:2015 standards.
  • Site support.
  • Continuous improvement activities, including design for manufacture teamworking with Engineering.
  • Integrated Production Engineering department to ensure design liaison, develop specialised jigs and tooling and create production sequencing plans.


Our flexible manufacturing spaces allow us to manufacture products from the smallest hatch, to blast and fire wall panels, through to large bespoke creations, escape tunnels and hangar doors.


Welding Capabilities 

  • 48 x calibrated welding sets immediately available
  • Submerged arc welding equipment
  • MIG, TIG, submerged arc welding capability, up to 75mm material thickness
  • Materials welded: mild steel, carbon steels including ballistic plate, stainless steels including Duplex stainless steel
  • Up to 42 x work stations which can be adapted to suit product size and configuration
  • Fume extraction equipment.


Welding is coded as required by product specification, and applicable to fabricators and welders.

Our highly skilled team of qualified fabricators and welders are able to build custom products, or adapt to efficient batch production methods.

They have the following specialist fabrication equipment available:

Parts Machining:

  • 4 x CNC machining centres
  • 4 x CNC lathes
  • 3 x Centre lathes up to 3m length capacity
  • 3 x Pillar drills
  • 2 x Bandsaws up to 300mm diameter cutting capacity

Parts Forming/ Bending:

  • 1 x LDV 200T X 4m CNC press brake with CAD/CAM functionality
  • 1 x Amada 150T X 3m press brake

Lifting Capability:

  • 1 x 20T Gantry crane
  • 2 x 10T Gantry cranes
  • 3 x 5T Gantry cranes
  • 6 x 3T Gantry cranes
  • 3 x 2T Gantry cranes
  • 5T & 2T Fork-lift trucks
  • Specialised lifting accessories as required

Other Equipment:

  • 1 x 60T Hydraulic press
  • 1 x Panel saw
  • 1 x Straightening press
  • Hand tools to support manufacturing activities

Factory Acceptance Testing 

The FAT is based on written procedures provided by our project team in accordance with customer requirements.

Testing activities are supported by experienced fabricators as required, as well as Engineering staff and Quality Inspectors as required.

Test rigs are set up for both manual and power operated doorsets.

FAT involves a thorough inspection to ensure that the product is fabricated correctly, and operates in accordance with design specifications.

The fit and function of the product is tested, and any issues addressed before installation on site, to ensure smooth installation, customer acceptance and handover.

Testing capabilities range from basic functional testing, to advanced testing and and customer Factory Acceptance Testing in specialised test  rigs, through to type-testing performed off site by accredited test houses, to verify assurance standards.

Below:   Single leaf insulated power operated fire door undergoing FAT at our production facility:



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