April 2022

Join Booth Industries on National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day 2022 – Opening Doors for Future Makers!

Britain is one of the world’s biggest manufacturing nations. Almost 3 million people work in our sector and deliver almost half of all UK exports, and our companies drive over 60 percent of all UK research and development. As a result of that investment, manufacturing as we know it is changing, adapting, and transforming each and every day.

To celebrate this, and the great diversity and opportunities available within the manufacture sector, Booth Industries are proud to be a part of the first National Manufacturing Day.

On 7th July 2022, in association with Make UK, manufacturers including Booth Industries will throw open their doors to the public, and give people who have never had the chance to see inside their local businesses just what is going on, and the opportunities available to them within manufacturing.

This will be a really exciting day, where the whole manufacturing sector will come together to celebrate the amazing things that Britain designs and makes. During the pandemic, Britain’s manufacturers stayed open to keep the country running, and yet this sector is agile and exciting at all times, and not just in times of crisis. Manufacturing companies such as Booth Industries are at the forefront of global renewable technology development, and provide some of the most innovative engineering developments seen anywhere around the world.

Local communities will have the chance to see the potential careers and jobs on offer within our wonderfully diverse manufacturing sector.  We are aiming to engage with all age groups, from school leavers, graduates, to experienced people with an interest in manufacturing looking to reskill and undertake a new career.

The ultimate aim of National Manufacturing Day is to promote careers in manufacturing, and white collar construction professions, to the people across the country.  We hope to encourage all age groups, from school leavers to more experienced workers, to consider the possibilities of a career in manufacturing, and at the same time we aim to celebrate our business with the community, and attract new talent to ensure an exciting future for all.

Booth Industries International are a world-leading specialist door designer & manufacturer, offering a full turnkey and whole life service, and operating in highly regulated markets to the highest levels of quality and assurance.   We would be delighted to welcome you to our premises and show you what we do and  how we do it !

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