Booth Industries provide door solutions for numerous applications in the aviation industry including access for small aircraft, helicopters and large civil and commercial passenger aircraft.  Sizes typically range from 6 m wide to in excess of 17 m wide and over 22 m high.

A structural steel construction providing a bottom rolling multiple door leaf hangar door solution, with a selection of external cladding options, (insulated, uninsulated or transparent) and optional security rating for MoD applications.  The door leaves can be provided with manual (push/pull operation),  hand wind operation and/or fully power operated with an electrical drive mechanism.  Various configuration are available to suit the available stacking areas, with standard configurations as a bi-parting doorset ranging from two leaves to multiple leaves running on one or several full bottom tracks.  Where bi-parting operation is unsuitable then the option of opening to one side is also available.  Leaf widths can be selected and constructed to suit the available stacking space.

For larger aircraft access, Booth Industries offers a selection of door solutions with various design and operator benefits.  These range from quick acting cascade power operated door systems to eco-friendly independently power operated door systems suitable for single or multiple aircraft access.  Design configurations include both full height and tail fin door options with bi-parting or single side parting in single or multiple door leaf configurations. 

For defence applications, approved security solutions can be provided with attack resistant construction and locking system to prevent unauthorised access and operation.