About us

Booth Industries commands a unique market position as the only provider of a complete range of steel doors, from high integrity, bespoke constructions to commercial grade personnel door sets.

We have gained extensive global engineering experience, building an excellent reputation as a leading world-class designer, fabricator and producer of performance certified pre-engineered and bespoke steel door sets, blast windows, modular wall systems and blast relief panels.


Established in 1873 as a family run blacksmith, we have an outstanding heritage and are now considered as a leading UK based engineering business. Three fabrication sites in Bolton occupy a total manufacturing area of over 6,000 square meters and over 1,000 square meters of engineering and office space with proven capabilities and an experienced skilled labour force including security cleared staff.

Our key achievements since inception include:

• Pioneering the transition from riveting to welding in the early 1900’s
• First fire doors produced in 1905 – John Booths and Son as it was were instrumental in the development of national standards
• Entry into the offshore market in the early 1970’s, initially through the North Sea
• Development of blast proof doors through key MoD contracts, including the nuclear submarine base, Coulport, in 1982.
• First offshore escape tunnel produced in 2004

Booth Industries in numbers
7000sq m
manufacturing space

Our reputation

Booth Industries consistently performs through reputation and recommendations adopting a proactive approach which creates longstanding relationships. We are considered as the ‘go to’ supplier for key customers as a result of our consistent track record of quality, performance and delivery.

Diverse range of markets

Booth Industries operates in a diverse range of markets including Offshore Oil and Gas, Marine, Process, Petrochemical, Defence and Military, Rail and Infrastructure, Tunnels and Mining, Security and Counter terrorism, Aviation, Nuclear, Commercial and Industrial, Spares, Maintenance and Repairs.

40 Years’ experience

We have over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of our products including blast doors and prefabricated fire and blast wall systems, fire doors (integrity and insulated) for both off and on-shore applications, radiation shielding doors, acoustic doors, security doors, multi-performance and large bespoke doors.