Protection to personnel and equipment against both blast and fire is available for both hinged and sliding doorsets for personnel and vehicular access.  The doorsets are designed to suit project specific blast threats ranging from 1 kPa to high pressure accidental blast threats.  Designs cater for both positive and negative pressures together with rebound pressures to enable the doorset to behave elastically where possible and remain operational and fire resistant after blast providing protection to occupants and assets.  The Booth adjustable door seal provides protection against toxic gas ingress. 

Where blast protection is required to the building fabric, then the Booth blast modular blast wall can be used for both new build and upgrades of existing facilities.  The wall and roof system has been developed predominantly for the offshore market where similar risks of blast and fire are present.  The modular wall system provides protection where proprietary architectural cladding systems are unsuitable and spans full height from floor to roof without the requirement for additional support.  The trapezoidal profile is determined by calculation to obtain the optimum profile solution.  The wall system is suitable for the integration of both doorsets and windows. 

For blast relief protection, a selection of solutions are available which relief at below 5 kPa allowing the internal blast to be directed as designed and reduce the building structure requirement that is associated with that required for blast containment.