Blast & Fire Resistant Walls (Modular)

A lightweight trapezoidal profile spanning up to 10 m and resisting up to 2 bar blast overpressure.  The panels are provided with a top and bottom fully welded angle connection which can be permanently or temporarily secured to secondary steelwork.  This solution is the preferred option for offshore platforms where blast and fire protection is required.  The trapezoidal profile is deigned in-house to maximise the possible weight savings and cost effectiveness.  Fire rating options are available from A0 to H120 together with jet fire protection.

Insulated wall systems are provided with optional internal lining panels to provide mechanical protection to the insulation and further acoustic and heat protection.

The modular wall systems are available with the optimum panel strength to weight ratio, with stainless steel thickness from 1.6 mm and carbon steel thickness from 2.5 mm upwards, together with option for high performance materials i.e. Duplex stainless steel.  Higher blast pressures and span utilise a patented curved system which follows similar principles to the trapezoidal system.  Both designs offer blast resistance and weight saving benefits.

Whilst the wall system was developed for offshore applications where weight is an important factor within the construction of the platform modules, the modular panel system has been adopted for onshore applications where offsite manufacture provides construction benefits on live petrochemical sites and hazardous areas at risk of explosion.  Other applications include anti-terrorist blast protection for both new build applications and retro-installations where upgrade measures are necessary to meet current protection levels.