7th Jun 2018

Are your fire doors compliant?

Non compliant fire doors were one of the key factors according to the Grenfell Tower enquiry by Dr Barbara Lane.

The report into the Grenfell Tower disaster included that around 100 fire doors were non compliant as they did not meet building regulations.  Dr Lane found that all of the fire doors between the fourth and 24th floors were “not compliant with fire test evidence relied upon at the time of installation”, and that this would have contributed to the spread of smoke and fire into the lobbies. Many of them failed in 20 minutes instead of the 60 minutes required by regulations.

Any slight alteration to the door, its frame or its surroundings can affect the performance of the door.  We recommend servicing is carried out every 6 months to your doors or more frequently depending upon usage.

Rachel Price, Sales and Marketing Director for Booth Industries said, “If you have any concerns about your doors please call our Service and Maintenance team on 01204 360161 or email bil.service@redhallgroup.co.uk”.

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