Booth Industries International’s 2023 Year Round Up.

In 2023, Booth Industries International not only met but exceeded our expectations, marking a year of strategic accomplishments. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence through innovation and providing bespoke solutions to clients resulted in the introduction of cutting-edge products that keep setting industry benchmarks. From completing key projects around the world to maintaining strategic partnerships, we raised the bar for excellence.

Last year, Booth Industries International prioritized environmental sustainability as a key highlight of our operations. This commitment materialized through the adoption of eco-friendly initiatives, particularly by optimizing production processes to focus on recyclable products, resulting in a notable reduction in our carbon footprint. Our dedication to social responsibility was equally prominent, involving active engagement with esteemed educational institutions like the University of Bolton and Bolton College. Beyond academia, our focus on community impact became integral to our business ethos, driving several charity initiatives to raise funds for noteworthy causes such as Bolton Hospice, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Urban Outreach. By intertwining environmental stewardship, educational collaboration, and community support, Booth Industries International demonstrated a holistic approach to corporate responsibility, setting the stage for a year of meaningful contributions and positive change.

Celebrating 150 years in business last year, was our topmost highlight as all credit for this success goes to our dedicated team and valued workforce. As we step into 2024, click to watch a short video that summarizes our 2023.

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