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Booth Industries

Performance certified steel doors and modular wall systems

Established in 1873, Booth Industries commands a unique market position as the only provider of a complete portfolio of steel doors, from high integrity, purpose designed fabrications to commercial grade personnel doors.

Over the last 80 years it has gained significant experience in the design and manufacture of blast doors and modular blast wall systems, fire doors, radiation shielding doors, acoustic doors, security doors and multi-performance doors. Booth Industries serves a number of markets including the offshore oil and gas, defence, nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, transport infrastructure, architectural and industrial sectors.

It employs 150 people on four sites in Bolton with 8,000 square metres of manufacturing space.

Our core areas
Core areas | Booth Industries
Commercial Doors Major Projects Engineered Doors Market Sectors
Stainless steel fire doors on a station platform 1,100 m2 of H0 fire rated blast relief cassettes Tunnel door installed in CTRL Oil & Gas sector
Commercial Doors Major Projects Engineered Doors Market Sectors
Booth Industries has been based in Bolton in the UK since 1873. Operating globally it has built an excellent reputation as a leading world class designer and fabricator of high integrity fire and blast doors, windows and modular wall systems. Booth Industries operates in a diverse range of markets.
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