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Fire doors

Double leaf, Double swing fire doors Fire door on an offshore exploration platform Stainless steel fire doors on a station platform Fire doors in a data centre

Fire doors contain the spread of flame and smoke, protecting people and assets whilst maximising building evacuation times.

Booth provides a wide range of steel doors for both conventional land-based and specialist offshore fire containment applications, including doors tested to hydrocarbon fire test standards. It produces large purpose designed constructions as well as a comprehensive range of pre-engineered personnel size doors, tested to both British and European fire test standards.

Commercial Personnel Doors

The BOOTH-FD fire resistant door is rated up to FD240 to BS EN1634-1 for integrity and is available in the following configurations:

  • Single and double leaf
  • Latched and latch-less
  • Single and double swing
  • Structural openings up to 3M wide and 3.5M high
  • Vision and louvre panels
  • Over panels and side panels
  • Stainless steel constructions

BOOTH-FD Integrity Fire Door - Product Datasheet PD02A

The BOOTH-FDi fire door is an insulated fire door tested up 90 minutes insulation and 120 minutes integrity, for further information please contact Mr Paul Winteringham at Booth Industries

Offshore fire doors

The BOOTH OD fire door range covers products with cellulosic A0, to hydrocarbon H120, and project specific jet fire ratings.

For further information please contact Booth’s sales department.

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Stainless steel fire doors on a station platform 1,100 m2 of H0 fire rated blast relief cassettes Tunnel door installed in CTRL Oil & Gas sector
Commercial Doors Major Projects Engineered Doors Market Sectors
Booth Industries has been based in Bolton in the UK since 1873. Operating globally it has built an excellent reputation as a leading world class designer and fabricator of high integrity fire and blast doors, windows and modular wall systems. Booth Industries operates in a diverse range of markets.
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